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Nourish by Claire Miller

It’s the hottest Easter Monday on record, and you are one day old. The air is thick, outside the grass is parched, and you won’t drink from me. The midwives say you’ll feed next time I try, and I believe them. I’m not concerned, my happiness cannot be diminished today. Despite my unresponsive legs, my […]

Slut by Ukamaka Olisakwe

i Grandmother said there is a slut trapped in every woman, a wild taboo that must never be set free. So mother dipped her fingers in a tub of pomade, and massaged her daughter’s clitoris until the puny thing grew thinner and disappeared into the fold of skin. ii Ugwu nwanyi bu di ya. Imekwa […]

Finding My Freedom Within Marriage and Motherhood

I have a distinct memory of her on my wedding day, dressed in a flowered lace buba, her lips bright red like her shoes and purse. She was sitting at the corner when I gave my husband the palm wine and took him to kneel before Papa. She didn’t come to spray us with money, […]

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